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Paydayloans are indeed “a friend in need” to an individual. When a person needs money (modest amount) for a short time period (2-3 weeks in general), he can just borrow money from a lender in lieu of a signed check where he mentions the amount he is borrowing plus a fee charged by the lender. Now the borrower can extend the time period later or pay the amount on the due date. Failing so, the lender can cash the check.

So the idea is very simple; however there are risks involved in this process and if you don’t know them beforehand you might get entrapped in it. Like any other process related to finance, payday loans has got its own pros and cons. The following is a list of those risks which one should consider before taking Payday Loans:

1) Watch out the Interest Rate:

The interest rate is undoubtedly high when the discussion comes about Payday Loans. They are considered extremely expensive. The Consumer Federation of America has a nice calculation which shows that you might need to pay 426% interest rate or 1000% interest rate in cases as well. Sometimes the lenders promise a low interest rate but that is to lure a needy person. While one goes there and searches for a higher amount of debt, he might see they apply different interest rate for that.

2) Your Credit Score is reviewed, Mind it:

Some borrowers think that even if somehow they become unable to pay the loans, their credit score is not going to suffer. However quite opposite to this popular belief, ones credit score in fact suffers and when somebody finds out a person hasn’t paid his previous loans, they become disinterested in giving loans to that person.
Now the question may arise if the agencies who give credits don’t inform the credit bureaus, how can one’s credit score suffer? Actually they don’t inform unless you pay on time, but once you made delay they don’t hesitate to inform the credit bureaus and that makes your credit score dropped.

3) Don’t get habituated with Payday Loans:

One of the most harmful effects of taking payday loans in often it makes one dependant on them too much. Payday loan is good in extreme and emergency situations like sudden medical needs or a quick visit to the mechanic for repair of one’s car. So once or twice in life, payday loans are good. But if one takes too much loans often, he can get habituated with taking it. As the interest rate is high, suddenly one can find that he is unable to pay the debt in time and he takes another loan and this way his overall expense increases. This may lead one to complete bankruptcy.

4) Beware of Fraudulent Lenders:

Now-a-days American Govt. visibly the Justice Department and State Regulators are trying to comb out fraudulent lenders in the payday loan industry. These lenders can be online lending companies. They often operate from offshore or on Indian reservation which fall outside the regulators. These bad actors are acting constantly in the market to fill their pockets dishonestly in the market by duping the common people. Although the Govt. is trying, one should be conscious as well before taking loan from a company.

Now taking all these into accounts, one might conclude that everything about Payday Loan is bad, but in fact it isn’t. There are advantages too, like quick approval, overdraft protection program and it is less expensive than bounced check fees.
So Payday Loan is not bad, if you know the risks.

Why is investing in Silver Bullion a really good idea?

In the current economic condition when the whole world is going through a tough economic condition, the options to invest on securely have significantly reduced. USA is till suffering from global meltdown and unemployment, Europe is firmly entangled by economic crisis and price of gold has upped too high. So silver can be used as a safer asset to invest on presently.

How to invest in silver: 

The most widely used way to invest in silver is by buying physical silver bullion coins. It is safe and secure because at first there is a strong chance standing in current condition that the price would increase in the near future and even if the price lessens temporarily by chance, the ownership of the silver is still retained by you. So you can use the silver for profit later.

How to invest in silver bullion coins: 

The best way to invest in silver bullion coins is by buying as much silver as possible from local dealers in the form of bullion coins; especially it is extremely profitable to invest upon 1Oz silver bullion coins. The most popular bullion coins include American Silver Eagle, Australian Silver Kangaroo, and Canadian Silver Maple Leaf, Mexican Silver Libertad etc. The bullion coins can be bought from local dealers providing silver coins situated in almost every city. Also silver can be bought online; but before that make sure that the store is old, stable and you can afford the high shipping cost that comes with the silver.

Why should we invest in silver with the help of buying silver bullion coins only:

Investment in silver is not done only by buying bullion coins, there are other ways too. But it has more advantages than others like:

1) Storing and handling: Silver bullion coins come is the size and shape of a circle uniformly. So they are easy to handle and store in.

2) Compactness: Silver coins are compact in nature. So a great deal of wealth can be secured on a relatively small storage area.

3) Proof of purity: Silver coins are foolproof against fraud. So they can easily be used for resale to another party converting the possession to cash readily.

Try to invest in American Silver coin: 

It is noticed that buying Americansilver coin can yield more advantages than buying other coins. The reasons are as the following:

a) The American Silver Eagle is liquid silver investment backed by the US govt. itself.
b) They can be used for legal contracts based on their 1$ face value. Also it can be traded for money according to the market rate of silver.
c) This coin garners the highest bid price in US as silver bullion.
d) It is the most trusted investment asset made of silver.
e) It is exempted from IRS 1099 brokerage report which makes it the most renowned private investment in silver.
f) It is a .999 fine silver. So trustworthiness of this silver coin is beyond question.

So these are the benefits of investing in physical silver by buying silver bullion coins. The silver may be considered as the "Poor's gold" but at the current economic scenario, it can be considered as the most trusted asset to invest on.

Linux cPanel Hosting is very popular in UK

Linux Cpanel hosting: Linux is a UNIX like computer operating system produced and assembled under open source software development environment. Now Cpanel is a control panel used for web hosting and compatible with Linux providing a simplified GUI and tools to make the web hosting process easy.

Linux Cpanel Hosting Industry in UK:

UK has been a primary market of Linux Cpanle Web hosting since its release. It is used extensively in the e commerce market in UK. This hosting has become popular in UK because it has high stability, full of high end features; it enables user to maintain the site, emails, backups and web statistics. Fantastico, a software utility used to install several web applications to your website is incorporated in Cpanel. It makes hosting easier with its automated installation facility used from the administration of a website. The minimum system requirement for Cpanel is as following:

1) Processor: 266MhZ
2) Memory: 512MB
3) Disk Space: 10GB HDD
So low system requirement has accelerated its popularity in web hosting industry in UK.

Cpanel hosting Providers in UK:

eukhost, eukcpanelhost, vidahost, aventurehost, etc. are some leading UK web hosting providers based on Linux panel web hosting technology.

Why are Cpanel hosting providers so much popular in UK:

1) Migration from other hosting services is too easy and they provide this service themselves.

2) Not a single instance of downtime recorded in the history.

3) Excellent customer care support with response in no time.

4) Navigation in Cpanel is very smooth.

5) Free Setup and Free Domain Name for you.

6) Fast, New UK Based Server.

7) cPanel 11 version usage.

8) One-Click Installs using Fantastico.

9) Free Automatic Daily Backups of your site.

10) Fast and Efficient Support via Phone and Email.

11) Customer Support Forums for in detail problem solution.

12) Great Uptime Record in the UK hosting history.

13) Servers are always kept Up-to-Date.

Keeping all these into account, It can surely be deduced  Linux Cpanel Web hosting service providers are indeed very good for the UK market.

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Learn about Medical coding and billing

Medical coding:

Suppose a patient has been given medical services from a physician's office or healthcare facility. Now the medical coder needs to take note of the abstract of the services the patient was given. He has to examine all the relevant documents and make a gist out of them. Then he assigns appropriate codes to it and makes a claim for payment. The person who is paying may be an insurance company, any organization or the patient himself.
Jobs done in Medical Coding: Generally a medical coder works in the office reviewing, assessing, processing and submitting medical claims. He may have to visit the physician or diagnostic section of the hospital to acquire more knowledge of the service usage of a patient. Medical coders also need to apply codes viz. CPT®, HCPCS Level II and ICD-9-CM codes to record the services used and the resources required to treat him by the physician. These codes are like bible to medical coders. Without proper coding, it is impossible to record all the diagnosis done on the patient and complete the record concerning the patient's illness.

Skills required for medical coding:

1)Need to know several medical terms and should have an apparent knowledge on human health and anatomy.
2)Need to know all the codes and guidelines on how to use them.
3)Need to know how to audit and reapply for rejected claims.
4)Should feel easy working with numbers.
5)Should collect data from every nook and corner of the facility wherever and whenever possible.
6)Should be able to review and assess files quickly.

Medical Billing:-

Same story. A patient has been given medical services from a physician's office or healthcare facility. Now after the patient took the service, it is the responsibility of the medical facility to make a note of the services and map it into a billing claim. This process is known as medical billing. Now it is the duty of the medical biller of the organization to present the bill to the insurance company for the reimbursement.
Jobs done in medical billing: - The role of a medical biller of an organization is to present the bill to the insurance company for reimbursement. His job size can vary with the amount of work related with it. He has to collect all relevant information from everywhere in the organization to make the claim perfect. He has to collect and add various data like charge entry, claims transmission, payment posting, insurance follow-up and patient follow-up. He has to communicate with the physician and other professionals of the organization to keep himself updated with the current information. So a medical biller needs to know how to read medical records. He should also be aware of codes like CPT®, HCPCS Level II and ICD-9-CM codes because sometimes if there is no medical coder, he might have to apply the codes himself.

Skills required for medical billing:

1)Knowledge about different types of insurance rules and guidelines.
2)Knowledge about insurance companies and their claim requirements.
3)Effort to collect compensation for rejected claims.
4)Maintaining all the related regulations in terms of clean claims, timely filing guideline, fair debt collection practice, refund requirements etc.
5)Use raw data to improve on various sectors if needed.
6)Marinating good public relations.

Are there any difference between medical billing and coding?

Although the job for both medical billing and coding sound similar, there are differences between them. The job of a medical coder is very diverse. He has to gather all kinds of reports about the patient from anywhere he can get. For that he must look into the patient's medical records, prescriptions by the physicians, tests done for him, image studies etc. Then after gathering all these, he must apply the standard codes to the reports and procedures applied on the patient and supply the medical biller with the necessary information.
Now the medical biller comes into the play. He, getting all the relevant information form the medical coder, proceeds to make a bill. This bill comprises of all the relevant and necessary reports on the expenditures made for the particular patients. This bill is then sent to claim the money either from the patient himself or from an insurance company for reimbursement.
This is true that their works are very much inter-dependant and that is why sometimes a single employee plays both the roles in an organization or hospital. If not, both the employees have to work very closely.

Final Judgement:

Medical industry is a growth industry. Need for expert people in medical billing and coding is high. So one can select this option for a good career. There is no fear of recession in this industry. Plus the job satisfaction and salary is quite high here. So take a leap into medical billing and coding industry and have fun.

DMCA policy and Its working process explained

Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is a copyright act enacted by the US government in accordance with two treaties of WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) signed in 1996. It criminalizes an individual or an organization if he/they does/do not abide by the following conditions:

1) It is an offence to circumvent any anti piracy measure intended to prevent piracy incorporated within a digital product. Any effort to produce or disseminate technology, device or service to break the DRM (Digital Rights Management) service of any digital product is a criminal act as well.

2) It is illegal to make any device or technology which copies software without proper permission from the appropriate authority.

3) It is not an offence to crack anti piracy services in order to test the security of computer system or the performance of a product. Also encryption research does not fall under the DMCA break.

4) Under special conditions, non-profit organizations, schools, libraries, research institutes are exempted from DMCA provisions.

5) OSP's and ISP's are liable for the material they show on their websites. If they receive a notification from DMCA on behalf of any person claiming a particular material hosted by the ISP has infringed the copyright act, the ISP is obliged to bring down the material. This action is known as "DMCA take-down".

How DMCA take-down works:

a) Upon observing a contravened material any person can inform the DMCA about the material.

b) Upon receiving the request, DMCA notifies the ISP.

c) The ISP receiving the notification of Copyright Infringement would first determine if it provides hosting services.

d) If the host is the provider, it informs the intended user about the notice.

e) Now the owner of the material i.e. the user has three options. First, he can simply remove the material. Second, he can discuss the matter with the challenging party and resolve the issue or third, he can file a counter claim against the prosecutor challenging the infringement claim.

f) If the customer simply removes the file, the host informs the prosecuting party and put an end to the file.

g) If discussion between the two parties becomes successful,the host does not take any action and the file is closed.

h) If a counter claim is filed by the defendant, the host disables access to the controversial site for a period of not less than 10 business days, nor more than 14 business days (known as "Challenege time period"). Within this due time, the complaining party should start judicial proceedings against the alleged party. Failing to do so will enable access to the controversial site.

i) Finally the host sends a counter notification against the complaint filed by the complaining party. The party then may withdraw the complaint or take action seeking a court order to restrict the alleged person from using the infringed material.

j) If the host does not get any notice regarding the action within the challenge time period (10-14 business days), it can reactivate the site. Again, if the alleged party takes down the material before the host gets any notification on action taken by the challenging party, it can enable access to the material. On the other hand, if the complaining party takes any action, the host informs the customer and locks the service until it receives a court order regarding restart of the service.

6) It should be noted that, liability of copyright infringement by faculty members or the students of a non profit organization or an educational institution is limited when the institution itself works as the ISP.

DMCA has secured the copyright protection of an individual/an organization. Every ISP follows the rules enacted by the DMCA.

How coconut oil weight loss works explained in detail

Coconut oil weight loss is a current trend now-a-days among fat people. Now readers might be wondering how coconut oil can help them losing weight; well, they need not to worry about it, in the next few lines some general but unknown facts about coconut oil will be revealed and later in this article how coconut oil helps losing weight will be explained.

What is coconut oil: Coconut oil is extracted from the kernel of coconut. It is rich in fats and that is why it is very immune to rancidity. In the tropical part of the world it has proven to be a great source of diet to millions of people. Apart from diet, coconut oil is also used for cooking, maintaining the skin and health purposes.

Principle behind coconut oil weight loss:
1) Theory: The components of coconut oil are responsible for coconut oil weight loss. The molecular structure of the oil shows that coconut oil consists of a shorter chain fatty acid is as Medium chain triacylglycerols or MCT in short. The MCTs are more water soluble than the other longer chain fatty acids contained in canola oil or olive oil. Actually most vegetable oils comprise of triglycerides, longer chain fatty acids and to speak the truth LCTs are mostly abundant in nature whereas MCTs are scarce in nature, even found very little in human breast milk. LCTs are converted to body fats, but MCTs are burned down in the body.

2) Necessity of MCT: This theory is the working principle of coconut oil weight loss. Coconut oil is known to be the richest natural source for MCTs till now. MCTs lead us to increased metabolic rate resulting in speedy weight loss. MCTs boost thermogenesis in the body. Thermogenesis is the process run in the body of warm blooded animals which produces heat in organisms. Increased thermogenesis ensures more heat production and better metabolism rate. That's why coconut oil does not require additional energy from our body to get metabolized. This is the main that makes coconut oil weight loss possible.

3) How MCTs work in our body: MCTs found in coconut oil are absorbed in the GI (Gastro Intestinal tract) requiring no pancreatic enzymes to metabolize them. So less work is required by the body. Then they are sent to the liver where they enter mitochondria directly without carnitine palmitoyl transferase and an immediate oxidation follows. MCTs neither get stored in the body as body fat nor are transported to body tissues; they burn up directly. But be informed, coconut oil does not lead to change in BMI (Body Mass Index).


1) If 500 calorie meal is consumed by an individual then his body uses around 10% of the calorie consumed i.e. 50 calories to metabolize the meal. But if the oil from other sources is substituted by coconut oil, the metabolism rate will be increased using like 15% or 75 calories leading to a significant enhancement in calorie expenditure.

2) In a study, 31 overweight people are gone through a test dividing them in two groups. One group was given MCTs and the other group was provided with olive oil. The first group lost an average of 7 pounds in 4 months whereas the last group lost a mere 3 pounds in that time.

So after reading the whole article, a clear picture can be obtained on how coconut oil weight loss works. It stands now a scientifically proven fact that coconut oil helps in losing weight. In fact animal farm businessmen knew it from a very long time. So they fed animals with other fatty oils instead of coconut oil because they had observed it made their animal lean. Definitely in its current form, it can be deduced that it is the best natural weight loss method available presently.